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Roy Walter Wilfon

Roy W. Wilfon

Purple Heart

Rank/Rate Master Sergeant (U.S. Army Air Force)
Service Number 6454520
Birth Date April 12, 1904
From Des Moines, Iowa
Decorations Purple Heart
Submarine USS Grayling (SS-209)
Loss Date September 9, 1943
Location In or near Tablas Strait, Philippine Islands
Circumstances Lost at sea, cause unknown
Remarks Roy was in the 48th Material Squadron, 5th Air Base. With the fall of the Philippines, he evaded capture for over a year by sailing from island to island by outrigger canoe. He was rescued by USS Grayling from the west coast of Panay Island on August 24, 1943, only to be lost when the boat was sunk about two weeks later.

Photo and information courtesy of Marcy Wilfon, grandniece. Additional information courtesy of Robert C. Maves and William Bower.


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  Wilfon, Roy Walter

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