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Joe Vidick

Joe Vidick

 Purple Heart

Rank/Rate Electrician's Mate, Second Class
Service Number 311 49 28
Birth Date March 16, 1920
From St. Clair Shores, Michigan
Decorations Purple Heart
Submarine USS Wahoo (SS-238)
Loss Date October 11, 1943
Location In La Perouse Strait, Northern Japan
Circumstances Sunk by a combination of air attack and depth charging

Joe was born in Flint, Michigan.

He is mistakenly omitted in some sources, notably the in the records of the DPAA. He is unlisted on their Search Our Missing page, their WWII Report for NAVY (Unaccounted For) pdf, as well as in their newer version of the database, World War II Accounting. On multiple occasions we have provided DPAA with official, authoritative documentation of his being lost with USS Wahoo, but have so far been unsuccessful in having him included in their records.

Photo courtesy of Richard O. Kageff. Information courtesy of Paul W. Wittmer.


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  Vidick, Joe

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