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USS Pigeon (ASR-6)


The Submarine Rescue Ship USS Pigeon (ASR-6) was sunk on May 4, 1942, by a dive bomber while her crew was ashore assisting in the defense of Bataan and Corregidor.  At least sixteen of her crew died in the Philippine Islands, during transport to POW camps in Japan, or in the camps themselves.  The listing below may be incomplete. 

Click on a man's name to go to his personal memorial page on this site.  Photographs and personal information are needed as indicated in the column at right.

  Name Photo
1 Fred Erven Branchaud  Yes
2 Laverne Andrew Buchenau  Yes
3 Frank Alfred Davis  Yes
4 Robert Thomas Duncan  Yes
5 Herbert Wayne Grizzard  Yes
6 Anthony Aralio Gutierrez  Needed
7 Myron Lewis Jenkins  Needed
8 Frederick Winthrope MacDonald  Needed
9 George Robert Mitchell  Yes
10 Denzel Eddy Muggy  Yes
11 James Melvin Myler  Yes
12 John Wesley Naugle  Yes
13 Jim Bob Phifer  Yes
14 Ralph Lowell Smith  Yes
15 Howard Griffith Thomas  Needed
16 Joseph Hill Wise  Needed

The following USS Pigeon crew members survived Prisoner of War camp.  This list may also be incomplete.

1 Edgar Chester Abbey
2 Leopoldo F. Abeug
3 Ivon John Bailey
4 James A. Barkley
5 Madimino Barra
6 Wallace A. Barton
7 Martin Binder
8 Richard L. Bolster
9 Joseph L. Boudolph
10 Herbert G. Breckenfeld
11 Knox A. Buchanan
12 Eldon L. Byerly
13 Carl Anian Carlson, Jr.
14 Clifford H. Christian
15 Gordon W. Davidson
16 Moises DeGuzman
17 Herman Godfrey Deitz, Jr.
18 James L. Dorsey
19 Charlie Windfred Dowdy
20 Kenneth J. Epping
21 Frederick William Feilzer
22 Pablo C. Garcia
23 Charles S. Giglio
24 David Glennon
25 Percy Wilmet Groom, Jr.
26 Lewis William Hart
27 Fred Heinz
28 Robert A. Hill
29 Pritchard R. Hoggard
30 Norman R. Johnson
31 Joseph F. Latch
32 Charles F. LeComte
33 Walton Long
34 Richard N. Lukins
35 Phillip L. Mann
36 Lindell B. McCain
37 George W. McCollough
38 James A. McEvoy
39 Glen E. Michels
40 William J. Middleton
41 Harley R. Moon
42 James Moural, Jr.
43 Ray Albert Olechno
44 Cooper Pittman
45 Narciso Porras
46 James Orval Peters
47 Donald M. Prelip
48 Theodore F. Provost
49 Earl Woolsey Rector
50 Rollin Maurice Reed
51 William Arthur Selby
52 Bert Loraine Smith
53 Morris Solomon
54 Henry M. Stalls
55 Lewis I. Stockton
56 Grenville C. Stone
57 Floyd V. Symons
58 Walter Ray Tennant
59 Max Howard Watson
60 Leo H. Weber
61 James Oran Wise

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