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USS Perch (SS-176)

USS Perch was forced to scuttle herself after being mortally wounded in a depth charge attack.  All crew members were picked up by the Japanese, and sent to Prisoner of War camps.  Six crew members of USS Perch (SS-176) died as Prisoners of War.

See The Discovery of USS Perch (SS-176) for further information.

USS Perch - Photo by Kevin Denlay

More photos of the sunken vessel USS Perch
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If you are a crew member, or a relative or a friend of any man who served on this boat, please contact us.

Please note that, contrary to information published in many sources, Perch crew members Warren Ingram Atkeison, John Greco, and Robert Willis Osborne all survived Prisoner of War Camp, were released, and came home after the War.

See the Submarine Discoveries page for additional information on the discovery of the wreck of this vessel.

Click on a man's name to go to his personal memorial page on this site.  Photographs and personal information are needed as indicated in the column at right. One man, Christian Joseph Webber, was lost in a non-sinking event in 1937. See also the memorial page for Perch's Commanding Officer, David A. Hurt, who died soon after the War.

For a brief history of the boat, please see The Loss of USS Perch.

  Name Photo

Charles Newton Brown (POW)


Philip James Dewes (POW)


Houston Ernest Edwards (POW)


Frank Elmer McCreary (POW)


Albert Kenneth Newsome (POW)


Robert Archibald Wilson (POW)


The following USS Perch crew members survived Prisoner of War camp.


Francis Alboney    

2 Elbert Hugh Arnette
3 Warren Ingram Atkeison

Robert Channing Berridge


Sidney Henry Boersma

6 Sidney Bolden

Vernon Bolton

8 Thomas Francis Byrnes, Jr.
9 Gordon Bennett Clevinger
10 Daniel Crist

Charles Leonard Cross, Jr.


Lawrence William Dague

13 Bernard Deleman
14 Roland Ilo Earlywine

Virgil E. Earlywine

16 Roger Milton Evans*
17 Alejo Fajotina
18 Joseph Albert Foley, Jr.
19 Benjamin Swartz Gill

Calvin Eugene Goodwine

21 John Greco
22 Earl Rector Harper
23 David Albert Hurt, Sr.
24 Thomas Leslie Kerich
25 Rudolph Klecky

Robert Wayne Lents


James George McCray

28 Elmo Paul Monroe

Thomas Moore

30 Joseph Raymond Normand
31 Stephen Michael Orlyk

Robert Willis Osborne

33 Victor Sigward Pedersen
34 Orvel Vincent Peters
35 Ernest Virgil Plantz
36 Theodore John Reh
37 Paul Richard Richter, Jr.
38 Jesse Holland Robison
39 John "Jack" French Ryder
40 Macario Sarmiento
41 Kenneth George Schacht
42 Gilbert Eugene Shaefer

Samuel Ford Simpson

44 Frankland Fish Stafford, Jr.
45 Glenn Elmo Taylor
46 Marion McDaniel "Turk" Turner
47 Edward Van Horn
48 Beverly Robinson VanBuskirk
49 Jacob Jay Vandergrift, Jr.
50 Felix Burrell Walton
51 James Francis Webb
52 Ancil Wayne Winger
53 Henry Strickland Yates

*Listed in some sources as "Richard Mains Evans."

Please note that Henry Clay Henderson, Jr., who previously had been listed here as a survivor, was transferred to Corregidor on December 22, 1941, and was threrfore not aboard Perch when she was lost.

If you are one of these men, or a relative or a friend of any man who served on this boat, please contact us.


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The U.S. Submarine Veterans of World War II assigned USS Perch (SS-176)

to the State of Arizona.

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