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Arthur Barton "Bart" Cross, Jr.

Arthur Barton Cross, Jr.

 Purple HeartPrisoner of War Medal

Rank/Rate Lieutenant, Junior Grade
Service Number O-109016
Birth Date April 12, 1918
From New York, New York
Decorations Purple Heart, Prisoner of War Medal
Ship USS Otus (AS-20)
Date of Death January 30, 1945
Location POW Camp Fukuoka-04-Kokura Military Hospital
Circumstances Wounded in bombing of Cavite Navy Yard on December 10, 1941.  He was in Sternberg General Hospital when Manila fell on January 2, 1942.  He was taken to POW Camp in Japan, and died of Acute Enteritis.
Remarks Arthur was born in Fall River, Massachusetts.  Most sources list him as an Ensign.

Photo and information courtesy of Paul W. Wittmer.  Additional information courtesy of David Wright.


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  Cross, Arthur Barton, Jr.

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