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Bill Clinton Brannum

Bill Clinton Brannum

 Prisoner of War Medal

Rank/Rate Fireman, First Class
Service Number 376 13 99
Birth Date December 19, 1920
From Lawndale, California
Decorations Purple Heart, Prisoner of War Medal
Submarine USS Sculpin (SS-191)
Loss Date November 19, 1943
Location North of Oroluk Island near Truk
Circumstances Sunk by Japanese destroyer
Remarks Bill was born in Delano, California. His
middle name is listed as "Clifton," and his rating as "Machinist's Mate, Third Class," in some sources.

Bill survived the sinking of his boat, but was killed while being transported aboard Chuyo from Truk to Japan when it was sunk by USS Sailfish on December 4, 1943.

Please note that most sources mistakenly spell the island's name"Groluk."

Photo and information courtesy of Paul W. Wittmer.


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  Brannum, Bill Clinton
  Brannum, Bill Clifton

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