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Howard James Blind

Howard James Blind

Navy Cross Bronze Star

Rank/Rate Lieutenant
Service Number O-108587
Birth Date April 30, 1921
From Casper, Wyoming
Decorations Navy Cross, Bronze Star
Submarine USS Crevalle (SS-291)
Loss Date September 11, 1944
Location Flores Sea
Circumstances Lost overboard as a result of accidental submergence.
Remarks Howard was born in Chicago, Illinois.

From the Second Endorsement to the Report of Crevalle's Fifth War Patrol: 
"There is strong evidence to support the belief that Lieutenant Blind sacrificed his life by staying at the conning tower hatch until he had unlatched it thus allowing it to close with the flow of water, and thereby enabling his shipmates within the boat to bring her back to the surface."

Photo courtesy of Paul W. Wittmer.


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  Blind, Howard James

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