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Richard Holbrook Becker

Richard Holbrook Becker

Purple Heart

Rank/Rate Signalman, First Class
Service Number 360 17 66
Birth Date December 4, 1919
From Tulsa, Oklahoma
Decorations Purple Heart
Submarine USS Dorado (SS-248)
Loss Date October 12, 1943
Location In Western Atlantic, possibly near Cuba
Circumstances Sunk, possibly by U.S. aircraft
Remarks Richard was born in Winchester, Kentucky.  His Purple Heart award has been confirmed in his military personnel file and by his family.

Photo and information courtesy of Paul W. Wittmer.  Additional information courtesy of Mr. & Mrs. Joe Becker.

Poster by artist Georges Schreiber
Poster by artist Georges Schreiber depicting Signalman Becker at the signal lamp


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  Becker, Richard Holbrook

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