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USS San Francisco (SSN-711)

USS San Francisco (SSN-711)

The following men were lost while serving on vessels that were not sunk.  Men who were lost in non-sinking events whose vessels were later lost are included with their shipmates on the individual boats' pages.

Some names have not yet been verified.  The three men listed as lost on USS Flasher (SSN-613) were civilian shipyard workers killed in a fire aboard the vessel. Two other civilian painters were killed in an explosion aboard USS Sirago (SS-485).

Click on a man's name to go to his personal memorial page on this site.  Photographs and personal information are needed as indicated in the column at right.

  Name Submarine/Command Photo
1 David Murchie Abercrombie James Madison (SSBN-627)  Yes
2 Rolando Acosta Boise (SSN-764)  Yes

Jerry Raymond Alexander

Picuda (SS-382)  Yes
4 Issac V. Algaze James K. Polk (SSBN-645)  Yes
5 Clifford Young Alkema West Virginia (SSBN-736)  Yes
6 Jeffrey Alan Ammon Formerly of Ohio (SSBN-726) and Alabama (SSBN-731)  Yes
7 John Patrick Anderson Henry L. Stimson (SSBN-655)  Needed
8 Sam George Anderson Henry L. Stimson (SSBN-655)  Yes
9 Tomas Aragon Apatan Nereus (AS-17) (Sub Tender)  Yes
10 Michel Arguin Flying Fish (SSN-673)  Needed
11 Fred Leroy Arp Gudgeon (SS-567)  Yes

Joseph Allen Ashley

San Francisco (SSN-711)  Yes

Keon A. Askew

San Francisco (SSN-711)  Yes
14 Joseph Shuler Avera, Jr. Greenling (SSN-614  Yes
15 David Lee Bachman Sea Devil (SSN-664)  Needed
16 Joseph S. Baczenski** Flasher (SSN-613)  Yes
17 Daniel Grant Bailey, Jr. Formerly of Fulton (AS-11) (Sub Tender)  Yes
18 Roy J. "Rusty" Ballinger Seahorse (SSN-669)  Yes

Carl Donald Barckhoff

Pomodon (SS-486)  Yes
20 Nicholas James Barrett Buffalo (SSN-715)  Needed
21 Michael James Bartlett Michigan (SSBN-727)  Yes
22 Eugene Francis Basche Sam Houston (SSBN-609)  Yes
23 Robert Orrin Beane Hunley (AS-31) (Sub Tender)  Yes
24 Ty Latt Bell Wyoming (SSBN-742)  Yes
25 Arthur Conley Belt Canopus (AS-34) (Sub Tender)  Yes
26 Henry William Billimek Bashaw (AGSS-241)  Needed
27 James Anthony Black Sam Rayburn (SSBN-635)  Needed

Charles Wayne Bloomer

Grayback (SS-574)  Yes
29 Bryan E. Boley Jack (SSN-605)  Yes

Richard David Bond

Grayback (SS-574)  Yes

Robert W. Bordelon, Jr.

Bonefish (SS-582)


32 Frank Kenneth Boughton Sea Robin (SS-407)  Yes

Charles Bartlett Bowman

Pomodon (SS-486)  Yes
34 Joseph R. Boyarchurck Alexander Hamilton (SSBN-617)  Yes
35 James Earl Branch Thomas Jefferson (SSBN-618)  Yes
36 Louis Joseph Brendle Spikefish (SS-404)  Yes

Arthur Shearer Brown

Boarfish (SS-327)


38 Charles Darrow Browne ex-U-3008  Yes

Robert Francis Brunner, Jr.

Tusk (SS-426)  Yes
40 James R. Buck, II San Juan (SSN-751)  Yes
41 Rodney Francis Bush Will Rogers (SSBN-659)  Yes
42 Robert Leon Butler Tang (SS-563)  Needed
43 Brian Neal Campbell Hunley (AS-31) (Sub Tender)  Needed
44 Geoffrey C. Campbell Hardhead (SS-365)  Yes
45 Joseph Augustus Campbell Conger (SS-477)  Needed
46 Stephen Vaughan Carr Chivo (SS-341)  Yes
47 Nathan Andrew Castor Alabama (SSBN-731)  Yes
48 Sidney Bruce Cheatham Conger (SS-477)  Yes

Charles W. Chinnis

Sea Robin (SS-407)  Yes
50 Leo Choles Halfbeak (SS-352)  Yes
51 James Maurice Coile, Jr. Robert E. Lee (SSBN-601)  Yes
52 Larry James Cole Francis Scott Key (SSBN-657)  Needed
53 Francis William Cookinham Becuna (SS-319)  Needed

Grant W. Corey

Guardfish (SSN-612)  Yes
55 James Dale Coulson Nautilus (SSN-571)  Yes


Robert F. Cronotti Corporal (SS-346)  Yes
57 Samuel Gilbert Cushing Baton Rouge (SSN-689)  Needed
58 Larry John Dearmore Sturgeon (SSN-637)  Yes
59 Jesse Paul Deiter Hunley (AS-31) (Sub Tender)  Yes
60 Mark Burris Dolan Wyoming (SSBN-742)  Yes
61 Robert Nicholas Dotzler Frank Cable (AS-40) (Sub Tender)  Yes
62 Gerry Efstathios Drakatos George C Marshall (SSBN-654)  Yes
63 Melvin Spence Dry Grayback (LPSS-574)  Yes
64 Delfin Paculan Dulay Frank Cable (AS-40) (Sub Tender)  Yes
65 James Edward Dumire, Jr. Sablefish (SS-303)  Yes
66 Jerry Kent Duncan Cusk (SS-348)  Yes
67 Mark Ellis Eastwood Seawolf (SSN-575)  Yes
68 Raymond Dewitt Edwards Nautilus (SSN-571)  Yes
69 Rhiney Eifert Croaker (SS-246)  Yes
70 Peter Joseph Elbert Cavalla (SSK-244)  Yes

Dale Franklin Ellenwood

Triton (SSRN-586)  Yes
72 Scott David Emberts Guardfish (SSN-612)  Yes
73 Mark Stewart Erickson Georgia (SSBN-729)  Needed

Ray Earl Everts, Jr.

Bonefish (SS-582)  Yes
75 Robert Franklin Faile Sea Devil (SS-400)  Needed
76 James Samuel Farabee Baya (SS-318)  Yes
77 Ronald Lee Farmintino Holland (AS-32) (Sub Tender)  Yes
78 Theodore A. Faryan Carp (SS-338)  Yes
79 Lester Joseph Feltman Remora (SS-487)  Yes
80 Michael Francis Finn Batfish (SSN-681)  Yes

Rodney Lee Fitz

Grayback (SS-574)  Yes
82 Danny Lee Flynt John C. Calhoun (SSBN-630)  Yes
83 John Benson Fuller Croaker (SS-246/SSK-246)  Needed
84 Gerald Gene Gaddis Trutta (SS-421)  Yes
85 Peter Alan Gamache Daniel Webster (SSBN-626)  Yes

Marl Harold Garlock

Requin (SS-481)  Yes
87 Leonard Garrett Besugo (SS-321)  Needed
88 Michael A. Gentile Nebraska (SSBN-739)  Yes
89 Daniel Lynn Gicie Spadefish (SSN-668)  Yes
90 Thomas N. Gilmore Florida (SSBN-728)  Needed

Jacob Dana Gjerning

Florida (SSBN-728)


92 William Bret Godfrey San Francisco (SSN-711)  Yes
93 Ronald Paul Goo Plunger (SSN-595)  Yes
94 Dennis Frederick Goodwin Sea Cat (SS-399)  Needed
95 James Peter Goonan Torsk (SS-423)  Needed
96 Jason Robert Goshorn Trepang (SSN-674)  Needed
97 Dennis Norval Grant Nautilus (SSN-571)  Yes
98 Joshua Glenn Greene Santa Fe (SSN-763)  Yes
99 Agustin Tuazon Guiao, Jr. L. Y. Spear (AS-36) (Sub Tender)  Yes

John George Guttermuth

Tusk (SS-426)  Yes

John Joseph Hackett

Pomodon (SS-486)


102 Robert Lee Hadley Skate (SSN-578)  Yes
103 Ronald James Harrison Halfbeak (SS-352)  Needed
104 James Russell Hart Odax (SS-484)  Yes
105 John Ellsworth Hasselbrink Illinois (SSN-786)  Yes
106 Bruce Charles Heezen NR-1  Yes
107 Gerald Robert Hendricks Pickerel (SS-524)  Yes

Melvin Buck Henneberger, Jr.

Tusk (SS-426)  Yes
109 John Henri Tusk (SS-426)  Needed
110 Thomas Kern Higgins Minneapolis-St Paul (SSN-708)  Yes
111 Jack Ira Hoel John C. Calhoun (SSBN-630)  Yes
112 Randy Charles Hoffman George C Marshall (SSBN-654)  Yes
113 William Edward Hoffman Char (SS-328)  Yes
114 Donald Leon Holladay Chivo (SS-341)  Yes
115 Marcus Lydell Holmes Alexandria (SSN-757)  Yes
116 Michael James Holtz Minneapolis-St Paul (SSN-708)  Yes
117 Randall Forrest Hopson Helena (SSN-725)  Yes
118 Gerald Bruce Houg Shark (SSN-591)  Needed
119 Charles Emory Howard Medregal (AGSS-480)  Yes
120 Jeremy Dean Hummel Pittsburgh (SSN-720)  Yes
121 David Albert Hurt, Sr. Formerly of Perch (SS-176)  Yes
122 William Albert Huston Piper (SS-409)  Yes
123 Gary Alan Jaasma Proteus (AS-19) (Sub Tender)  Yes
124 Montreal Leburt Jackson West Virginia (SSBN-736)  Needed

Steven Craig Jacobs

Sturgeon (SSN-637)  Yes
126 Paul Marcellos Jalosky Flounder (SS-251)  Yes

James R. Jensen

Grayback (SSG-574)  Needed

David Jimenez

Ulysses S. Grant (SSBN-631)  Needed
129 Peter Raymond Jones* Perch (SSP-313)  Yes
130 James Franklin Jordan Drum (SS-228)  Needed
131 Kennon "Ken" Edward Jordan Redfin (AGSS-272)  Yes
132 Donald Clyde Jordon** Flasher (SSN-613)  Yes
133 Manuel Juarbe-Aldarondo Holland (AS-32) (Sub Tender)  Yes

Robert E. Kain

Bonefish (SS-582)  Yes

James Kane

Barbel (SS-580)  Needed
136 Leon Adam Kapusta Simon Lake (AS-33) (Sub Tender)  Needed
137 Danny Michael Kelly Lewis and Clark (SSBN-644)  Yes
138 Irvin Eddy Kersey Growler (SSG-577)  Yes
139 Ord Kimzey, Jr. Holland (AS-32) (Sub Tender)  Yes
140 Raymond Harvey King Trumpetfish (SS-425)  Needed
141 David Jason Klieves Jimmy Carter (SSN-23)  Yes
142 Paul Richard Klinedinst, Jr. Howard W. Gilmore (AS-16) (Sub Tender)  Yes
143 Ronald H. Knaub Clamagore (SS-343)  Yes
144 Alexander Kobashar Pasadena (SSN-752)  Needed

Karl William Koch, Jr.

George Washington Carver (SSBN-656)


146 Michael Konnick Chivo (SS-341)  Yes

Joseph Leo Lacourse

Bream (SS-243)  Needed
148 Harold William Ladd Trigger (SS-564)  Needed

David R. Lauro

Sea Devil (SS-400)  Yes

James David Lear

Barbel (SS-580)  Yes
151 Robert E. Lee Sunfish (SS-281)  Needed
152 William Reed Leger Nereus (AS-17) (Sub Tender)  Needed
153 Brydon Dee Leo Gudgeon (SS-567)  Needed
154 Warren Dean Leonard Sawfish (SS-276)  Yes
155 Daniel Charles Lilley Seawolf (SSN-575)  Yes

Marshal Todd Lindgren

Bonefish (SS-582)  Yes
157 Howard Christopher Littlefield Greenling (SSN-614)  Yes
158 Wesley Wayne Logue Sablefish (SS-303)  Needed
159 James R. Lombard Florikan (ASR-9) (Sub Rescue Ship)  Yes
160 Fred Walter Lujan Becuna (SS-319)  Needed
161 Robert Erich Lynde Pollack (SSN-603)  Yes
162 Donald Holden Maas Seahorse (SSN-669)  Yes
163 William Gerald Mack Nebraska (SSBN-739)  Yes
164 Patrick Dewey Magee Grayling (SSN-614)  Yes

Charles Chester Mattson

Pomodon (SS-486)  Needed

Ike Lankford McClure

Dace (SSN-607)



James McElrath

Theodore Roosevelt (SSBN-600)  Needed
168 Danny Thomas McGee Darter (SS-576)  Yes
169 Terence K. McLaughlin Swordfish (SSN-579)  Needed
170 Kenneth Robert McPherson Alexander Hamilton (SSBN-617)  Yes
171 Michael James McQuiwn Gurnard (SSN-662)  Yes
172 Richard Warren Means Dogfish (SS-350)  Yes
173 Ralph Perez Melendez Frank Cable (AS-40) (Sub Tender)  Yes
174 Harry James Edward Melrose Bugara (SS-331)  Yes
175 Harry Roger Milberger Jack (SSN-605)  Yes

James Robert Miller

Tusk (SS-426)  Yes
177 William E. Miller Nautilus (SSN-571)  Yes
178 Richard Frederick Mills Spinax (SS-489)  Yes
179 Steven J. Minardi Holland (AS-32) (Sub Tender)  Yes
180 Frank Minnick Angler (SS-240)  Yes
181 Harold Wayne Mooningham Corporal (SS-346)  Yes
182 Robert Francis Morgan, Jr. Bashaw (SS-241)  Needed
183 Brian Anthony Moss Formerly of Alabama (SSBN-731)  Yes
184 Robert Lawrence Mudd Olympia (SSN-717)  Yes
185 John Crawford Mueller Volador (SS-490)  Yes
186 Wayne Francis Munsch George Washington (SSBN-598)  Yes
187 Patrick Jude Murphy Formerly of Sand Lance (SSN-660)  Yes
188 Seth Jacob Myers Louisiana (SSBN-743)  Yes
189 William Skelly Neill Hunley (AS-31) (Sub Tender)  Yes
190 Richard Lee Nelson Sunfish (SSN-649)  Yes
191 Howard Newsome Nereus (AS-17) (Sub Tender)  Needed
192 Phillip Jeffrey Nisevich Seawolf (SSN-21)  Yes
193 Robert Ray Norris Ashville (SSN-758)  Yes
194 Phillip Edward Nowak Nathanael Greene (SSBN-636)  Yes
195 Robert Lee Nutt Proteus (AS-19)  Yes

Dennis Bradley O'Brien, Jr.

Los Angeles (SSN-688)  Yes
197 John Stanton O'Malley Tullibee (SSN-597)  Yes
198 Walter Maynard Orcutt James K. Polk (SSBN-645)  Needed
199 Frank Anthony Palombella, Jr. Barb (SSN-596)  Yes

Stephen Gerald Parenteau

George C Marshall (SSBN-654)  Needed
201 David Alan Parker Michigan (SSBN-727)  Yes
202 Terry William Parsons Jallao (SS-368)  Yes
203 Henry Bruno Parzych Trout (SS-566)  Yes
204 James W. Pascucci Tecumseh (SSBN-628)  Yes
205 Eduardo Salvador Perez Nereus (AS-17) (Sub Tender)  Needed
206 Glenn B. Perkins Spadefish (SSN-668)  Yes
207 Joseph Lee Perry, Jr. Stonewall Jackson (SSBN-634)  Yes
208 Timothy Jackson Pierce Rhode Island (SSBN-740)  Yes

Robert Lee Pinney

Tusk (SS-426)  Yes
210 Thomas Podesky Tench (SS-417)  Yes
211 Eugene Lawrence Pollmann Howard W. Gilmore (AS-16) (Sub Tender)  Yes
212 Peter Boyd Pollock Clamagore (SS-343)  Yes
213 James Robert Pottle, Jr. Sturgeon (SSN-637)  Yes
214 William Irving Pressley Simon Lake (AS-33) (Sub Tender)  Yes
215 Erik McKean Prouty Maine (SSBN-741)  Yes
216 Raymond Charles Prys Thornback (SS-418)  Yes
217 Richard Dale Ramirez Daniel Boone (SSBN-629)  Yes
218 David Kendall Rapelye Alexander Hamilton (SSBN-617)  Needed
219 Samuel George Rea Will Rogers (SSBN-659)  Needed
220 Melvin Rice Haddo (SSN-604)  Needed
221 Randy Ray Richards Andrew Jackson (SSBN-619)  Yes
222 Slade Rieves Thomas Jefferson (SSBN-618)  Yes

Steve Joseph Rincon

Guardfish (SSN-612)  Needed
224 Robert Marion Ritter Sperry (AS-12) (Sub Tender)  Needed

Henry Keith Robertson

Sea Poacher (SS-406)  Yes

William Clinton Robinson

Grayback (SS-574)


227 John Carlos Rodriguez Hawaii (SSN-776)  Yes
228 James Harold Rolland Skipjack (SSN-585)  Yes
229 Joseph E. A. Rousseau*** Sirago (SS-485)  Yes
230 Floyd J. Rozmyslowicz Corsair (SS-435)  Yes
231 Richard Mackie Ryder Sealion (ASSP-315)  Yes
232 Steve Salantai Tilefish (SS-307)  Needed
233 Ezra Thomas Seymour Sartin Ronquil (SS-396)  Needed
234 Trevor David Sauers Pennsylvania (SSBN-735)  Yes
235 James William Saxon Tench (SS-417)  Yes
236 Rodney Keith Scott, Jr. West Virginia (SSBN-736)  Yes
237 Aaron Edward Scrimiger Nebraska (SSBN-739)  Needed
238 Scott Anthony Seely Michigan (SSBN-727)  Yes
239 Jeffrey Lynn Sellers L. Y. Spear (AS-36) (Sub Tender)  Yes
240 Billy Carter Semones Henry Clay (SSBN-625)  Yes
241 Raoul Charles Senechel*** Sirago (SS-485)  Yes

Wilson Manley Shafer, Jr.

Tusk (SS-426)



Leslie Crawford Shelton

Grayback (SS-574)  Yes
244 Clint William Shunk Bremerton (SSN-698)  Yes
245 Earl Clifford Singer, Jr. Caiman (SS-323)  Yes
246 Eric Paul Skinner Virginia (SSN-774)  Yes

Robert Eldridge Small

Picuda (SS-382)  Yes

James E. Smallwood

Sargo (SSN-583)


249 Albert William Smith Tirante (SS-420)  Needed

Scott Allen Smith

Baton Rouge (SSN-689)


251 Austin Joseph Snyder, Jr. Nathan Hale (SSBN-623)  Yes
252 John Russell Sopko Lewis and Clark (SSBN-644)  Yes
253 Donald Wayne Spratlin Sam Houston (SSBN-609) (pre-commissioning)  Yes
254 Richard Atherly Spurrier Hake (SS-256) (unverified)  Yes

Charles Richard Staninger, Jr.

John Adams (SSBN-620)


256 Arthur Ben Robin Stark Simon Lake (AS-33) (Sub Tender)  Yes
257 Lawrence W. Stinson** Flasher (SSN-613)  Yes
258 Roy Eugene Suter Sam Houston (SSBN-609)  Yes
259 Clifford Merlin Sweitzer Howard W. Gilmore (AS-16) (Sub Tender)  Yes
260 Theodore Joseph Szarzynski Nautilus (SSN-571)  Needed

Larry Vernon Thompson

Ulysses S. Grant (SSBN-631)



William Morgan Thompson

Cutlass (SS-478)


263 Walter Curtis Thorp La Jolla (SSN-701)  Yes
264 Douglas Paul Thulin Pollack (SSN-603)  Yes
265 Carl P. Thunderbird Canopus (AS-34) (Sub Tender)  Yes
266 John J. Tobin Tang (SS-563)  Needed
267 David Vincent Trotter Frank Cable (AS-40) (Sub Tender)  Needed

James Francis Twyford

Skipjack (SSN-585)


269 Allen Roland Ueckert Becuna (SS-319)  Yes
270 Bobby Glen Ugalde Alaska (SSBN-732)  Yes
271 Jack Valentine Frank Cable (AS-40) (Sub Tender)  Yes
272 Scott Charles VanSchaick Kamehameha (SSBN-642)  Needed
273 Ronald James Vauk Formerly of Oklahoma City (SSN-723)  Yes
274 Roger Reyes Waggoner Francis Scott Key (SSBN-657)  Needed
275 Mark Steven Warren Fulton (AS-11) (Sub Tender)  Yes
276 Thomas M. Watson George Washington (SSBN-598)  Yes
277 William Rogers Watt Holland (AS-32) (Sub Tender)  Yes
278 Rodney R. Wendling Swordfish (SSN-579)  Yes
279 Edward Jesse Whirledge Formerly of Tilefish (SS-307)  Yes

Wayne Boyd White

Sea Poacher (SS-406)  Needed
281 Walter Thomas Whitworth Sea Cat (SS-399)  Yes

Alvin Landon Wilderman

Plunger (SSN-595)


283 Glen Overton Wilfong, Jr. Canopus (AS-34) (Sub Tender)  Yes

Eugene Jay Wilk

Tecumseh (SSBN-628)


285 William Henry Wilson Redfin (SS-272)  Yes

Shawn Michael Wise

Boston (SSN-703)


287 Thomas Lincoln Wogan Sperry (AS-12) (Sub Tender)  Yes

Walter Gray Womble

Barbel (SS-580)  Yes
289 Marcus David Woods Missouri (SSN-780)  Yes

William Joel Woods

Pomodon (SS-486)  Yes
291 David Castle Youens Ethan Allen (SSBN-608)  Yes
  (unverified) Buffalo (SSN-715)  Needed
  (unverified) Groton (SSN-694)  Needed
  (unverified) Menhaden (SS-377)  Needed
  (unverified) Menhaden (SS-377)  Needed
  (unverified) Thornton (?) Seahorse (SSN-669)  Needed
  (unverified) Anthony DelVecchio (?) Tecumseh (SSBN-628)  Needed

*British Royal Marine Commando carried on Perch; lost on a mission on the coast of North Korea.

**Civilian painters killed in fire aboard Flasher

***Civilian painters killed in explosion aboard Sirago

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